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Is there an Israeli product that you would say is a must? Lovers of Israel should have their own list of “must-try” Israeli products list. Food can be nostalgic. The flavor of a sip of wine can paint you a picture of a scenic view you once encountered. It can take you back to your visit to the Holy Land or simply give you a taste of your dream Israeli experience at home. These must-try Israeli products will certainly help you achieve just that. Here’s our list of Israeli products you must try today.

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Israeli Wine

Israeli wine has been a part of the culture for thousands of years. In fact, a lot of verses in the Bible talk about the abundance of grapes in the Land of Israel. These grapes made wine. At present, there are approximately hundreds of wineries in Israel. Many are known to produce kosher wines which are a perfect blend of tradition and craftsmanship. With its distinct taste, Israeli wine would be a perfect choice for a wine connoisseur. Israeli wines connect you to the Bible and the Land.

Israeli Dates

If you are looking for a healthy yet sweet delicacy, Israeli dates are perfect for you. Fresh or dried, you can grab this candy-like fruit anywhere in Israel for a very reasonable price. Packed with unique nutritional and medicinal properties, dates are great for your diet. You can even incorporate dates to create tasty dishes. Dates are beneficial for you and the entire family; so, you can eat dates without feeling guilty while staying healthy.

Baked Goods

Bread as a staple food is an integral part of every Israeli menu. Popular Israeli breads include pita, challah, laffa, bagel, jachnun, bourekas, and rugelach. These breads include both sweet and savory flavors. At present, there are a lot of local bakeries in Israel that serve these irresistible treats. From traditional bread to homemade pastries, make sure to taste some of these great baked goods in the world.

Israeli Chocolates

Local chocolates are popular Israeli products that are best served as a snack or a special treat to those sweet-tooth cravings. Crafted from the finest ingredients, a lot of kosher certified chocolates are out in the market. Chocolates from the Land of Milk and Honey could be highly considered as mouthwatering confectionery selection of various brands and flavors. Certainly, it is a delightful product your taste buds would long for.

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Dead Sea Products

With its salty water and mineral-rich mud, the Dead Sea lived the opportunity to manufacture different products including cosmetics. Enriched with natural nutrients, Dead Sea products and cosmetics are known to conscientiously improve skin. Various skincare and beauty products for body, face, and hair are patronized by the locals and even internationally.

Moreover, the Dead Sea was part of Abraham’s journey. In Genesis 14, Abraham returned to the area of the Dead Sea to bring back Lot, his family, and all their goods. Also, it is interesting to note that this is where Lot built his tents. It is also where his wife turned into a pillar of salt. With this Biblical significance, a gourmet salt from the Dead Sea would be a good addition to your “must-have” list.

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