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The Healthy Secrets Of Israeli Dates


The sweet yet very nutritious Israeli dates are widely cultivated fruit. This was so even during ancient times. In fact, the Bible tells us that Israeli dates fruit is one of the seven species. Included in this is wheat, barley, pomegranates, grapes, olives, and figs. From past to present, this fruit is patronized by many consumers for its delicious taste and multiple health benefits. Therefore, if you have sweet-tooth yet concerned about your well-being, this fruit is good for your diet.

Nutrition Facts

Looking into the nutrition profile of dates, the fruit offers a lot of health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and contains essential vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants found in dates may help prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even cancer. Moreover, dates can improve digestive health as it is naturally rich in fiber and beneficial for blood sugar control.

Interestingly, dates are also ideal for pregnant women in their last few weeks of pregnancy. It lowers the need for induced labor and reducing labor duration. Dates also promote strong bones with magnesium and iron content. Since it is naturally sweet, it could also be a healthier alternative to white or brown sugar. Whether you eat it raw or in your favorite dishes, dates are worth incorporating to your diet.

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Cultivation of Israeli Dates

Israel’s palm date is one of the many agricultural produce of the land. Cultivated thousands of years ago, Israeli dates went through a process of reviving high-quality date culture through cultivars. Grown in the Jordan Valley and Arava, the hot climate is perfect for dates. It enables them to acquire a sweet taste and beautiful appearance as it matures. Today, among different varieties, ‘Medjool’ is a preferred date.

Israeli dates farming happens in small villages, cultivated and owned by cooperatives. These collectives help in avoiding competition among themselves. Rather, cooperation in common marketing organizations boost the date industry of the country. Continuous innovation and research also improved all aspects of dates production from planting to harvesting. With an excellent quality assurance system, Israeli dates all can enjoy the freshness of the date.

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Israeli Dates Products

Israeli dates come in various forms from, including fresh, dried, frozen and cooked.  At present, there are local factories that produce an assortment of products from dates such as date honey and other spreads. Several types of dates such as Halawy, Amri, and the most popular Medjool are often incorporated into different recipes.

Due to its sweetness, many use date syrup as a natural sweetener. Many also incorporate it into savory dishes. Mixed it with granola, fruits, or nuts, you can easily turn dates into any moreish snack or a delightful smoothie.

From local produce to handcrafted artisanal food, Israel offers a vast variety of delicacies that will send your taste buds to a great food adventure. Check out our packages and get your own Bible food adventure at home.

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