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Facts About Israeli Olive Oil


Olive oil is known for its health benefits and flavor. It is widely used in different cuisines worldwide. Olive oil has a distinct fruity aroma, bitter taste, and pungency that’s unlike any other oil. It is rich in antioxidants and phenolic compounds that are helpful in preventing certain diseases. Nevertheless, olive oil is popularly used in food. What sets Israeli olive oil apart from the others is its rich history and unique traditional processes. So, if you want a taste of both history and quality, Israeli olive oil is the best choice for you.

Israeli Olive Oil History

The use and consumption of olives can be traced back to biblical times. It is one of the seven species widely cultivated in Israel and the Middle East. Traditionally, a stone oil press was used to crush the olives right after harvesting. It is then placed in a basket for oil extraction. Using brute force, the olives are pressed into the basket to extract the oil. They then collect the golden juice into a vat.

In ancient times, Israeli olive oil had uses in cooking, for lighting lamps, for ointment, and for manufacturing soap. Hence, it is considered as a daily commodity of people centuries ago. Even the kings were anointed using olive oil and its large supplies were regarded as a sign of prosperity.

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Today, there are many varieties of olives in Israel which produces diverse flavors. The best Israeli olive oil is the extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO). This is the least acidic oil as it is not refined and extracted from the first gentle pressing. Aside from that, olives in Israel are cultivated using fewer fertilizers and irrigated with salty and purified wastewater. This farming practice preserves the fruit’s natural quality. Though most of the oil is for domestic use there are around 81,000 acres of olive orchards in Israel. They produce approximately 15,000 to 16,000 tons of EVOO annually.

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Israel’s Olive-Based Products

With the aim to live healthier lives, many olive oil-based products are being developed. This olive oil is widely used in culinary since ancient times. From salads to bread, extra-virgin Israeli olive oil is popularly used in these foods. 

Aside from cooking, olive oil can even be rubbed directly on your skin and hair to achieve a healthy glow. Also, it is one of the key ingredients of the well-known Israeli olive oil soap. This gentle cleansing soap is popularized by the fact that olive oil naturally cleanses, nourish, and soften skin.

Pure Israeli olive oil soap made with 100% extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for those who have sensitive skin. It is best known for its hypoallergenic properties which helps irritated skin. Furthermore, there are soaps made with olive oil mixed with other natural ingredients to address various skin needs. Interestingly, the majority of these soaps are handmade and crafted to perfectly fit your skincare holy grail.

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Olive oil is just one of the many artisanal products produced in Israel. Some producers still use the traditional way of manufacturing olive oil to retain its unique natural taste. This is then carefully brought out by hands. Israel produces different artisanal foods and products other than olive oil. Check out our packages for great products from the Land of the Bible.

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