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Have wanted to visit Israel, to taste and see the Holy Land and bring home different Israeli Biblical products? Many go to Israel as part of a tour, to see the Holy Land, and experience it fully. However, if you can’t visit Israel and want the experience, Flavors of the Bible can help!

Purchasing Israeli products online with Flavors of the Bible is one way to an authentic Israel experience. You may not physically be in Israel, but can purchase unique products from the Land of the Bible. The wonders of the web can give you a similar experience. Here is our simple guide to buying biblical products from Israel.

Israeli Packages

Israeli packages are the easiest way to acquire biblical Israeli products. With packages, you don’t need to visit different websites limited to specific products. So, if you want an array of Israeli products, Israeli packages are the best way to go. Some packages include Israeli food.  Other packages have religious items with a mix of other products. Check out our packages here.

These Israeli products will help you connect to the land and the people of the land. It will also provide a connection between those who lived in the times of the Bible. Everything is available by just going on the web and ordering online.

Biblical Food

Do you have an interest in the food culture of the ancient Israelites? There are Israeli products that may not be on your regular shopping list as they include perishable items. Yet, the Israelites during Biblical times ate what was available to them in the Land. Their diet depended on what the vegetation offered through farming, raising animals, and fishing during that period. The land produced grains including barley, wheat, millet, and spelt along with olives, figs, pomegranate, grapes, and other vegetables.

Olives were grown for eating, making olive oil, and produced oil for lighting lamps. Ancient Israelites also produced and drank wine. Today, Israelis export olive oil and wine that you can order online.

Israeli Products

Biblical items are some of the popular Israeli products bought online by lovers of Israel all over the world. These include shofars, oil lamps, holiday candles, anointing oils, tallit or prayer shawls, and other religious items. Shofars are frequently mentioned in the Bible and are still used in different Jewish religious celebrations today. Shofars can be bulky but are available online.

Furthermore, Israeli oil lamps are made of clay and are quite fragile. Candles are perfect for certain Jewish religious practices such as Hanukkah and the Sabbath. Anointing oils come in small bottles and are cheap.

Also, prayer shawls or tallit are popular among Christians and Israel lovers. Do note that a proper Jewish tallit has very definite specifications as described in the Bible.

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