Bible Food Tour Delivered to Your Doorstep

Are you a foodie who loves Israel? Unique packages that tell a Biblical story with Bible food may be your thing. Taking an authentic Bible food tour at home is now easier with our packages from the Land of the Bible. Taking the exclusive Bible food tour is much easier with our Israeli packages. You don鈥檛 need to travel to Israel to experience for tastes of the Holy Land

We offer a much easier shopping experience with our packages. So, you can journey from biblical times to the current day and purchase those Bible foods all in one place.  

Why Go with Israeli Packages?

Eating food is a pleasure, an experience that stimulates more than just your taste buds. Food is one way to learn about a people, a country, and culture. However, not everybody is able to go to Israel to experience the real thing. This is where Israeli packages come in and offer unique Bible food straight to your home.

While you can find many Israeli shops that sell different types of Bible food online, the majority have limited offerings. You can find stores dedicated to selling Israeli wine or olives, but nothing else. Often, it requires shopping at different stores just to get all the Bible foods on the list. This isn鈥檛 just time-consuming; it is also costly to ship multiple packages. With our packages, you will receive an assortment of Bible food that includes honey, dried fruits, wine, oils, and more. These packages also connect you to the people, places, and history of the Bible. 

How Are Packages Made?

We offer several Israeli packages from the Land of the Bible with a different focus as we connect you to the Land of the Bible. This includes Bible-inspired food for a different bible food experience every time. Our packages include products inspired by a story in the Bible. We mark the biblical location of the story and check out the businesses on that location today. Each package includes an assortment of Israeli products chosen from the area that best represents the region. Included in the packages are food as mentioned in the Bible. Each Israeli package comes with a brochure explaining the biblical connection of the region and its products. Learn more about how our packages are made here.

With our packages, you can save time in researching, creating and shopping your own list of Bible foods. You can simply select one of the featured packages that include an assortment of goodies offering an authentic Israeli food experience that鈥檚 inspired by a story in the Bible. You can also subscribe to a monthly package where you can taste a different Bible story every month! Your next Bible food tour is just one order away, check out our featured Bible packages here.

We ship our Bible packages straight from Israel to anywhere in the world. Our Bible packages are available for $99, including shipping. The monthly price is also $99, including shipping. Learn more about shipping and other FAQs here.

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