Association SHEKEL

Flavors of the Bible is partnering with “Shekel” a non-profit organization that works to integrate people with disabilities into society. From now on, our quality packages will be packaged by the amazing people from this organization. So, as you order packages from “Flavors of the Bible,” know that you are doing good to those who need it most.

SHEKEL provides a broad continuum of vocational opportunities and vocation-oriented activity for people with all types of disabilities, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, people with learning disabilities, sensory and/or physical disabilities and people with severe multiple disabilities who require round-the-clock care. Intended for people from all sectors of Israeli society, SHEKEL’s vocational programs serve both religious and secular Jews and Arabs.

SHEKEL’s vocational vision and goals focus on providing people with disabilities holistic vocational frameworks suited to their individual abilities, with the aim of enabling each person to learn, gain experience and acquire/enhance personal skills that lead to fulfillment and realization of personal potential.

SHEKEL’s vocational rehabilitation spectrum begins with transition programs that prepare pupils from special education schools, aged 18 – 21, for vocational life. It spans everything from vocational-oriented day centers for people with severe multiple disabilities and people with low to medium functioning autism, through to full integration of people with disabilities within Israel’s private sector workforce, including placement and close follow-up. The vocational rehabilitation program includes vocational training and comprehensive preparation for integration within the workforce, as well as challenging work in supported production environments.

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